About Historical Gypsum

About historical gypsum

Historical Gypsum, Inc. was founded in 1957 in Greece. 
Today we are a Southern California (Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley) based company with over 45 years in the making. 
We do customization/upgrades on residential and commercial properties using pre-cast stone. 
We have been working for years hand in hand with companies and individuals who would like to improve the look of their properties (or their clients). We pride ourselves in perfection. 

All of our products are made by hand, from beginning until end with a hand-finished sanding.
Historical Gypsum, Inc. dedicated to our core value of saving our customers time and money through our carefully integrated approach to quality products, construction, and product development.

We are involved in renovation, restoration, and new homes also. We don't just remodel a home, we renovate it, make it something new... a rebirth. 

More than 2000 years ago, the Greeks discovered gypsum. It is still a new material today. Gypsum is an amazing product; simply put it's timeless. Gypsum will not shrink or crack when it ages, it is light weight, fire resistant and inexpensive. The design possibilities are endless. It is especially adaptable in circular spaces, any radius is possible. 

There are very few people in Los Angeles who know and work in gypsum like John does. Since the age of seven he has spent countless hours in his family's workshop, literally playing in plaster, where he gained both his sculptural experience and design aesthetic.